Zombotany Zombies

Zombotany zombies

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Snorkel Cattial ZombieEdit

Shoots spikes at your plants in any row. Takes 15 hits to kill.

Snow Pea ZombieEdit

Slows down plants by shooting snow peas. Takes 10 hits to kill.

Repeater ZombieEdit

Shoots 2 peas at plants at a time. Takes 10 hits to kill.

Chomper ZombieEdit

Eats 1 plant whole. Takes 15 hits to kill.

Bungee Peashooter ZombieEdit

Shoots peas and steals your plants. Takes 28 hits to kill. Sometimes, it drops other zombotany zombies.

Cherry Bomb ZombieEdit

Dropped by Bungee Peashooter Zombies. Explodes in a 3x3 radius. Takes 30 hits to kill.

Giga Peashooter ZombieEdit

shoots 1 pea at at time. Takes 20 hits to kill.

Cabbage-Pult ZombieEdit

shoots cabbages. Takes 26 hits to kill.

Puff-Shroom ZombieEdit

shoots spores in a short range. Takes 5 hits to kill.

Scardy-Shroom ZombieEdit

shoots spores, then hides when he sees a plant. Takes 7 hits to kill.

Ice-Shroom ZombieEdit

Zombie that freezes all plants in place after death. Takes 15 Hits to kill

Three-Peater ZombieEdit

Zombie that shoots peas in three lanes. Takes 80 Hits to Kill.

Sunflower ZombieEdit

Gives 100 sun after death. Takes 20 Hits to kill.

Snorkel Peashooter ZombieEdit

Shoots peas, and submerges. Takes 20 hits to kill.

Pea Headed ZombieEdit

Eats plants, and throws peas. Takes 30 hits to kill.

Snow Pea Projectile Headed ZombieEdit

Eats plants, and throws snow peas. Takes 45 Hits to kill.

Flower Pot Ladder ZombieEdit

Flower and Lader zombie touphnes in all.

Dancing Sunflower ZombieEdit

  • Has an afro with a sunflower head to resurect peeshooter zo,mbies backud dancer.

Kernel zombieEdit

Shoots kernels and butter to plants and the butter paralises the plants. It takes 10 hits to kill.

Umbrella Leaf Zombie Edit

Similar to the Parasol Zombie from PVZ 2, will block any lobbed attacks towards it or zombies near it

Electric Currant Zombie Edit

When two electric currant zombies are standing in the same column, all the plants in between them will be shocked