Maririch Edit

Plant: Marigold

Cost: 250

Effects: Gives diamonds

Bio: Mari-Rich is the Marigold's older, richer cousin. Rather than giving boring old coins, Mari-Rich spits out diamonds. How's dem apples?

Twin ChomperEdit

Plant: Chomper

Cost: 175

Effects: Devours two zombies at a time

Bio: With enough focus and precision, the Chomper was able to grow two heads. Don't ask how.

Kazoomerang Edit

Plant: Boomerang

Cost: 350

Effects. Spins around and shoots boomerangs in all directions

Bio: You would think that with all that spinning, Kazoomerang would get dizzy, but he somehow isnt

Scorchwood Edit

Plant: Torchwood

Cost: 150

Effect: Turns peas or flaming peas into blue fire peas

Bio: Scorchwood is hot, hot, hot. In fact, Torchwood is very jealous

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