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This is the Plants vs Zombies Fanon Wikia. You can also make your own Plants or Zombies for those who love to play Plants vs Zombies. Keep making your own levels, plants, zombies, mini-games, puzzles and more!

The Plants vs Zombies Fanon wikiaEdit

The Plants vs Zombies Fanon is the first fanon for downloadable games, so make your own ideas about Plants vs Zombies!

Latest activityEdit

doom shroom zombie kills all plants near it after death in zombotany and zombotany2.

cactus zombie shoots cactus spikes. takes 12 hits to kill.

annoying orange zombie annoys plants.takes 11 hits to kill.

bloat nut zombie takes 15 hits to kill.

winter melonpult slows down groups of plants.takes 20 hits to kill.

fume shroom zombie shoots fumes that can damage plants.takes 13 hits to kill.

hypno shroom zombie makes a plant fight another plant. takes 10 hits to kill.

pumpkin zombie protects other zombies and has the health of a pumpkin.

cattail zombie attacks any lane and can take down flying plants too! takes 16 hits to kill.

explode_o_nut zombie explodes after deathand kills any plant in a 5x6 radius

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