Stickman Zombie is quite a unique zombie. For one thing, its walking animation is more of a casual walk instead of a zombie walk. 

Stickman Zombie.

How It WorksEdit

Stickman Zombie can be one of the most annoying zombies, due to its similarities to the Screen Door Zombie. What I mean is that its body can take more damage than his head. This may seem easily countered with catapult plants, but the head can still take MUCH more damage than the average zombie. So, when you take out one part, what happens to the other? If the other part is the body, the zombie will fall. However, the head will grow 4 somewhat long legs if IT'S the other part, and then move on alone. Basically, the best solution is to either freeze them in their tracks or make them explode.


Damage That Can Be Taken: 60 (body), 50 (head), 20 (lone head).

Speed: Medium (full), Slow (Head).

Cost (In Versus Mode): 175 Brains.

Recharge (In Versus Mode): Fast.

Almanac Entry: Stickman Zombie is one of the most stealthy zombies. Not only can he manage to sneak past all the normal zombies, but he can take a lot of hits. And he's still coming once you've just narrowed it down to the head! The thing is, Stickman Zombie doesn't eat brains for the taste, or even to make more zombies! It eats brains to develop its OWN brain. Yeah... THAT'S a problem!

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