this is a game. you can choose 1 or 2. this is just like pvz but you get pults

plants (plants vs zombies/1)Edit

pea pult

sun basket

explosive cherry bag

broken nut

cabbege mine

snow pult

man eating carnivore basket

repeating pea pult

small spore pult

mushy sun basket

fume shooter pult

heavy basket

hypno basket

scaredy pult

ice basket

doom bag

pult pad

angry sqaushing bag

tangle melon

chilli box

flatened spikes


high broken nut

small sea spore pult

light up butter

spike pult

bag of wind

split pea pult

star pult

glued pumpkin carvings

cabbege magnet

cabbage pult

pult pot

kernel pult

cup of coffee

smelly onion

melon umberella

cute little money basket

melon pult

gatling pea pult

glued sun basket

glooming pult

lily cat

flatened pointy rocks

money magnet

winter melon

cob cannon

pult tater

new pults from 2 (plants vs zombies 2 its about time)Edit



punching cabbage

springy pea

cocanut pult

lightning pult

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