plants vs zombies 3: zomboss revenge is game wii release on 2016

android ios pc:

this sequel of plants vs zombies 2 it about time. plants defeat dr.zomboss in the time twister  but he getting revenge he build new zombot- destroyer 3000

now plants stop dr.zomboss and defeat his new zombot


day level 10

beach level 11

woods level 13

zombie castle level 14

nightfall woods level 16


peashooter: shoots peas at zombies: sun cost:100

sunflower: gives a player a sun:beating day 1:sun cost 50

wall-nut:blocks zombies:beating day 2 sun cost: 50

snow pea:shoots ice peas at zombies:beating day 3 sun cost:125

cabbage-pult:shoots cabbages at zombies:beating day 4 sun cost:100

twin sunflower:  give player double suns :beating day 5 sun cost:100

potato mine: defeats zombie: 50 beating day 6

chomper:eating zombies:day 7 sun cost: 150

repeater: shoots two peas : day 9 sun cost 200

coconut cannon : blocks zombies and shoot pea at zombies:beating beach day 1 sun cost 150

kernel-pult shoots butter and kernel at zombies beating beach day 2 100

snap dragon:breaths fires at zombies: beating beach day 3 150

blover:blow flying zombies:beating beach day 4 sun cost 50

cherry bomb explodes zombies: beating beach day 5  cost 150

spikeweed defeat zombies with spikes: beating beach day 6: sun cost 100

iceberg lettuce: freeze zombies beating beach day 7 sun cost 0

threepeater shoot 3 peas in 3 lanes at zombies: beating beach day 11 cost 200

fire melon-pult: shoots fire melons at zombies:beating woods day 1 300

lily pad: only plant on water: beating woods day 2 sun cost 0

bonk choy punches zombies beating woods day 3 sun cost 125

tall-nut: blocks zombies stronger than wall-nuts: sun cost 125 beating woods day 6

grave buster: destroys the graves on lawn beating zombie castle day 1 sun cost 0

sun-shroom: gives small sun regular sun large sun: beating zombie castle day 2 sun cost 25

puff-shroom; shoots spores at zombies: beating zombie castle day 3 sun cost 0

fume-shroom shoots fumes at zombies beating zombie castle day 4 sun cost 125

magnet-shroom: steal metals from zombies: beating zombie castle day 6 sun cost 100

torchwood: peas into torchwoods to fire peas:beating zombie castle day 8 sun cost 125Edit

jalapeno: destroys zombies in lane: beating zombie castle day 15 sun cost 125

starfruit: shoot 5 stars: beating nightfall woods day 1 sun cost 125

winter melon: shoots winter melons zombies nightfall woods day 2 sun cost 500

melon-pult: shoots melons at zombies beating nightfall woods day 5: sun cost 325

laser bean:shoots lasers at zombies: beating nightfall woods day 7 sun cost 200

hypno-shroom: zombie eat them:beating nightfall woods day 9 sun cost 100

bloomerang: shoots bloomerangs: beating nightfall woods day 14 sun cost175

citron: shoots plasma at zombies: beating nightfall woods day 15 sun cost 350

cheap plantsEdit

cheap plants can found in the store buy new plants  return plants and upgrade plantsEdit

new plants:

jalapeno-pult 2$99

rainbow blover is upgrade plant for blover:99

ultra super torchwood is upgrade plant for torchwood pea become ultra super pea can damage zombie cost:2:99

return plants:

sun bean

cob cannon



zombie 10

conehead zombie 50

buckethead zombie 60

flag zombie 50

football zombie 23

gargantuar 175

imp 9

tomb raiser zombie 19


duckytube zombie 10

duckytube conehead zombie 50

duckytube buckethead zombie 60

duckytube imp 9

flying zombie 30

barrel roller zombie 150

raider imp 29


hiker zombie 30

giga gargantuar 200

snorkel zombie 13

zombie castle

peasant zombie 10

conehead  peasant zombie 50

hammer zombie 20

knight zombie 110

king zombie 10

jester zombie 12

shield barrel carrier zombie 70

nightfall woods

newspaper zombie

giga football zombie

balloon zombie


gunpowder devil zombie on level 10 boss level{1,0000} boss of dayEdit

zombot shark-tron boss of beach 10000

zombot  fish-walker boss of woods 10000

zombot castle-head boss of zombie castle 1000

zombot-destroeyer-3000 final boss of nightfall woods 40000 he summons every zombies exculding king zombie flag zombies  duckytube zombies coneheads bucketheads

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