this is a game

returning plantsEdit



wall nut

bonk choy


patato mine

scardy shroom

sun shroom

puff shroom

grave buster

chilli bean

lily pad

sea shroom

tall nut

coffee bean

gatling pea

twin sunflower




cob cannon       

kernel pult

melon pult 

winter melon

new plantsEdit

green bean

gatling tail

sea scardy shroom

long pad

couler bean

secret plantsEdit

bloomerang (kill 50 zombies)

imatater (got after doing the "sad grey plants" speicel misson)

sqaush (unlocked with code what is revelad after all the spiecel missions are done)



spiecel missionsEdit

5 alone. do 1-10 with only 5 plants

sad grey plants. (you should unlock couler bean before you play this). every plant you place has no couler and weak, use as many couler beans as you can in this old day mission.

cob cannon beach. on this pool mission there are 4 cob cannons and you place the others before the level is done!

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