Plants vs Zombies Epic World is a sequel to Plants vs Zombies. The name "Epic World" comes from having 16 worlds, each with 20 levels (so PVZEW has 320 levels in all).


The zombies suddenly return, wanting to eat brains and ignoring their peace treaty from the last game. You, Crazy Dave, and your other friends don't know untill.... wait, this CAN'T be right! I mean seriously.... wait, really.... ok, then....! You, Crazy Dave, and others find out after Dr. Zomboss shows up SUMMONING ZOMBIES AGAIN (Ok, you might think this isn't realy weird, but if you cleared the last game, then, well I don't wanna spoil the end if you didn't clear the game)?!?!So it is up to you, your friends (I will explain this later), Crazy Dave, and some of your friends with their OWN series of things to stop them.


It is up to you and your crew, (all the people I mentioned above) to travel around 16 worlds to remove all the zombies and evil bosses, eventually geting to Dr. Zomboss and defeating him.

Plant SeriesEdit

In Plants vs Zombies Epic World, there are several plant series besides Crazy Dave's. The name of the series owner is in the slideshow below. You can add you character to the slideshow any time you like to join PVZEW!

  • Crazy Dave
  • Venvon


You can play with 2-4 players using Multiplayer Mode.


The minigames in PVZEW

  • All the games in Plants vs Zombies
  • Bloom and Doomshroom (Yea, I made that minigame. I forgot to log in).
  • I Zombie Invsion Number 2
  • Shipfest**
    • =Page hasn't been made yet