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She costs 100 sun. Not only does she produce sun at the rate of a sunflower, but she also stuns zombies exactly 4 squares away from her, so it's best to put these in thefront for defense as a meat shield and as your stunners. Zombies will be still for a few seconds, unmoving. She takes 6 bites to destroy, has a slow recharge time and does 1 damage to zombies she stuns. Stuns only 2 zombies at a time.

Almanac: "I know. I'm pretty. Can you imagine anyone prettier than me?i think not.. All the zombies love what I do so much that they freeze in horror at my lovely face. I know. I couldn't be prettier."Yeah, Stunflower also keeps a little mirror in her pocket to see herself. We don't understand why she's married.


Shoots shopping gifts at zombies, doing 6 damage

Almanac: Shopp-A-Pult is always shopping for stuff. He can't stop because, he likes to shop. Also, if you don't know, he is married to Stunflower. "I think a pretty flower is always pretty" said that plant. "But, Those Zombies are big trouble." He has shopping gifts for them to get squashed on.


This plant is only used ini survival endless. She costs 125 sun, and you plant her in advance. She will kill every single zombie until the flag you planted her is over, so you get an entire flag to build your defense. When a zombie comes 6 squares near her, the Zombifier will shoot out a bomb killing the zombie. she can kill 20 zombies at a time, dies after 30 bites. Has a very very slow recharge time.When you need them, click onthem.

Almanac: Weedify isn't the sweetiest sweety on the street.She may be a girl, but she's fierce and always gets her way. She shoots bombs to keepzombies away. She isn't such a tough nut to crack either, and all the plants know her. Stunflower tries to stun her very often. "I'm not off the best foot on you," hisses Weedify. Nobody knows what that means.

5 PeaEdit

Shoots 5 peas.

The 5 pea
The turret shoots the peas but the one holding the turret is the stub.

Plant Name



here is the first plant Crazy Dave will give you for the hotel balcony level.

It is the strongest plant. It can play it's laptop, while the peashoo-bot it is on is attacking zombies, It is always placed on the top left corner, and no other plant is getting there, and it is seen in the beginning, and it cannot be deleted. it cannot be eaten by Zombies(including the camper thrown) because it has a protective shield.

For more information about it, click here: Rose

Flame Fume ShroomEdit

A mushroom that shoots flames

Flame Shroom
[[Flame shroom|px]]
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Plant Name



Shoots paralysing tomatoes.

Twin MarygoldEdit

Gives dubble the coins.

Smokey FloggEdit

It is a Smokey Progg collided with a Sun Flower.

It can use Smokey Sun for power. Smokey Sun is the juice for the Smokey Flogg so, it can shoot Smoke Balls. Smoke Balls deal 3 damage.

Apple CageEdit

Traps zombie and lets it out the other way

Magic BeanEdit

Makes the closest zombie/zombies dissapear


A chomper with 3 heads.

This plant is one of the chomper's upgrades.

Snap Dragon flowerEdit

It extends and snaps at a zombie

Lion HedgeEdit

Comes to live and scares all zombies away

Squish Edit

Squish is an upgrade form of Squash it is a single use plant

It is stronger than Squash because it has the power of 5 Squashes

{C Info

Squish has been kicking zombie butt since he was 5, He was sent to military academy after a year.

after 20 years in military academy he retired and went to Bloom & Doom Co. and went became a supervisor of plenty of Squash seedlings. he had plenty of students and now he works at Bloom and Doom records as a supervisor of cattail teaching her close combat.


Spring is an upgrade form of Squish.Unlike Squish and Squash,he is infinite use plant.

He can jump and when he attacks zombie,it rebounds from the field.3 times--and he return to his place.His only weaknesses:

  • He will sink at the pool
  • He will be dizzy,so zombies can kick his butt out


Spring knows his young brothers and knows how to swim.He's just hard to get out from Tangle Kelp.And zombies will laugh at him......when he gotta spin out from hopping.


The Pear can create mini pears and shoot them.

Blueberry CannonEdit

The Blueberry Cannon can shoot blueberry clusters that deal 3 damage.

Grape ShooterEdit

Grape Shooter can shoot grapes that can deal 2 damage.

Pure SunEdit

This is not a plant, but it is a star. It can kill all zombies in the screen.

Cyclops PeashooterEdit

This is a Peashooter with one eye. It can shoot Peas that deal 2 damage

Raspberry CannonEdit

The Raspberry Cannon can shoot raspberry clusters that deal 2 damage.

Tiki FlowerEdit

Tiki Flowers shoot darts that deal 2 damage.

Wool BushEdit

Wool Bushes can shoot wool that deals 3 damage. It also tangles zombies so they cannot move.


This plant is an upgrade of Cabbage-Pult. Shoots lettuces that deal 4 damage.

Flying Lily PadEdit

This is a Lily Pad that is useful for drained Water.

Butch T. PepperEdit

The hottest pepper in Mexico. Explodes in a 5x9 radius, or 6x9 radius.

Flying Flower PotEdit

This is a Flower Pot that is useful for crumbling Roofs.

Water Fume ShroomEdit

A Fume Shroom that can drown zombies by shooting water.


This is a Chomper that shoots Chomper heads that eat zombies.

Prickly MelonEdit

This is a Watermelon that has spikes all around it. When stepped on, it will extend its spikes, and kill the zombie.

Green Tall ShroomEdit

This Tall Shroom can shoot spores that can damage the air zombies.

Red Tall ShroomEdit

This Tall Shroom can shoot a giant spore on its head. When on ground, it will explode in a 4x3 radius.


An upgrade for the Torchwood. Now, it will make a Pea deal 3 damage, or two damage if you count the Snow Pea.

Thunder AppleEdit

This is a plant that will deal 1/2 damage of the zombies' health. This is useful for later Levels.

Bushy BopperEdit

This is a bush that punches zombies off the screen, and kill them. This is useful for later Levels.


This is not a plant. It can shoot big rocks that deal 5 damage.

Chomper CanniballEdit

This is one of the upgrades of Chomper. It can eat any zombie in 25 seconds.

Twin Flower PotEdit

Twin Flower Pot makes the player plant more plants.

Strawberry BlossomEdit

This plant will multiply to kill zombies. Each blossom deals 2 damage.

Poison Cabbage-PultEdit

This plant can shoot Poison Cabbages that deal 4 damage.

Poison Kernel-PultEdit

This plant can shoot Poison Kernels that deal 2 damage, or Poison Butter that deals 4 damage.

Poison Melon-PultEdit

This plant can shoot Poison Melons that deal 8 damage.

Red Bell Pepper-PultEdit

This Bell Pepper-Pult can shoot Red Bell Peppers that deal 4 damage.

Orange Bell Pepper-PultEdit

This Bell Pepper-Pult can shoot Orange Bell Peppers that deal 5 damage.

Fizzy ShroomEdit

This plant can confuse zombies to go the wrong way. Works similar to the Hypno Shroom.

Hungry NutEdit

The Hungry Nut can eat zombies just like a Chomper.

Gatling Puff ShroomEdit

This is the upgrade of the Puff Shroom. It can shoot 4 spores at a time.

Tangy OrangeEdit

This can make zombies chew slower.


The Icypeno is the polar opposite of the Jalapeno, as it can freeze zombies instead of burning them.

Annoying Orange-PultEdit

This is a plant that annoys zombies.

Gooey BushEdit

This will clog Jack-In-The-Boxes.

Wasp FlowerEdit

This is a plant that has wasps to sting zombies. Each sting deals 5 damage.

Beekeeper FlowerEdit

This is the upgrade of the Wasp Flower. When click,or tapped, a swarm of bees will appear, killing all zombies in the lane.

Annoying Winter Orange-PultEdit

This is one of the upgrades of the Annoying Orange-Pult. This can annoy zombies in a winter way.

Annoying Summer Orange-PultEdit

This is one of the upgrades of the Annoying Orange-Pult. This can annoy zombies in a summer way.

Mecha Annoying Orange-PultEdit

This is a plant that annoys zombies faster than Annoying Orange-Pult.

Decoy PlantEdit

This plant will distract zombies.


This acts as the Repeater version of the Snow Pea.


This nut is very fat. Asorbs 288 bites.


This nut is very gray. Asorbs 100 bites.


This plant will shoot flowers that whack zombies.

Lullaby TreeEdit

This plant will make zombies go to sleep.

Fat WeedEdit

This weed can puff up zombies, until they explode.

Gatling CattailEdit

This is one of the upgrades of the Cattail. Shoots 4 spikes that kill Balloon Zombies.

Puff-Shroom TowerEdit

This is a plant that shoots 4 spores stacked.


This is a plant that blows up verticaly.

Grave EaterEdit

This is the upgrade of the Grave Buster. Planted only on graves. Eats all of the graves.


This is a plant that can drown zombies when its bitten. Asorbs 200 bites.

Cheeky PeaEdit

This plant can shoot peas that makes zombies hide from plants.

Summer MelonEdit

This is another upgrade of the Melon-Pult. This plant acts like the Poison Melon-Pult, but burns zombies. Each flame bust deals 1 damage.

Fall MelonEdit

This is another upgrade of the Melon-Pult. This plant can make zombies get pilled up with leaves.

Fast PeaEdit

this is the plant you see in the Arcade version of Plants Vs. Zombies. This plant shoots peas that deal 6 damage.

Laser CactusEdit

This is the plant you see in the Arcade Version of Plants Vs. Zombies. This plant will shoot lasers that deal 2 damage.

Quadruple SunflowerEdit

This is the upgrade of the Twin Sunflower. Makes sun 4x as much as a Sunflower.

Rocker PeaEdit

This plant shoots guitars that deal 5 damage.

Dancer FlowerEdit

This Plant can summon Backup Dancer Flowers, and produce sun.

Backup Dancer FlowerEdit

This is produced by Dancer Flower. They can stall zombies, and produce sun.

Piano ChomperEdit

This plant can type on the piano to make zombies dance, and eat them.

Alien FlowerEdit

This plant produces sun, and puts zombies in UFOs.


This is the upgrade of the Spikerock. It can survive 36 hits (In Caveman Zombie smashes), or 18 (In Gargantuar smashes).

Big PumpkinEdit

This plant can be planted on 2 Pumpkins. Can protect big plants like Cob Cannons.

Fire CobEdit

this is an upgrade of the Cob Cannon. It can burn zombies that are having more heath than the instant kill.

Ice CobEdit

This is another upgrade of the Cob Cannon. It can freeze zombies instead of exploding them.

Butter CobEdit

This is another upgrade of the Cob Cannon. It can paralyze zombies in the cobs explosion.


This plant can shoot 8 peas, and is an upgrade of the Gatling Pea.

Gatling Split PeaEdit

This is another upgrade of the Gatling Pea. Shoots 4 peas forward, and backward.

Split RepeaterEdit

This is like a repeater forwards, and backwards. Shoots 2 peas forward, and backward, and is an upgrade of the Split Pea

Split Snow PeaEdit

This is like a Snow Pea forward, and a Resnower backward. Shoots 1 snow pea forward, and 2 snow peas backward, and is another upgrade of the Split Pea.

Snowball Cherry BombEdit

This plant can freeze zombies than exploding them.

Wall-Nut PeaEdit

This plant can shoot peas, and defends plants. Asorbs 72 bites.

Tall-Nut PeaEdit

This is the upgrade of the Wall-Nut Pea. Asorbs 144 bites.

Pea Covered SunflowerEdit

This plant produces sun, and shoots peas in a 360 spread.


This plant can bite on zombies. Asorbs 10 bites.

Conehead ZomplantEdit

This plant bites zombies, and has more health. Asorbs 28 bites.

Eggplant CannonEdit

This plant is another upgrade of the Cob Cannon. Shoots a eggplant, then recharges for 18 Seconds.

Turnip ShooterEdit

This plant can shoot turnip seeds that will hit every zombie in the lane.

Poison IvyEdit

Damages a zombie over time after being eaten. Costs: 155 / Recharge: Normal


Increases Plant recharge speed. Costs: 200 / Recharge: Slow

Hot PotatoeEdit

Discinegrates all zombies on-screen, but requires a charge-up first. Costs: 250 / Recharge: Very Slow

Pinga Bird KillerEdit

Damages zombies by blocking Pinga Bird. Costs: 500 / recharge: fast.


Shoots turnip seeds that hit every zombie in the lane.

Bean BudEdit

Shoots a pea,and a cactus spike at zombies.

Buddy BeanEdit

Shoots a blue plum at zombies.

Beanie BudsEdit

Shoots a blue plum, a cactus spike, and a pea at zombies.

Cooking StemmyEdit

This plant can combine plants.


A Battery-Shroom, and a Turnip Shooter collided. Made by the Cooking Stemmy.

Umbrella GloomEdit

A Gloom-Shroom, and a Umbrella Leaf collided. Made by the Cooking Stemmy.


A cyborg plant. It first appears in the first Cyborg level. Shoots rockets that explode in a 3x3 radius.

Kung Fu RadishEdit

Uses karate moves that deal 7 damage to zombies.


Shoots a pineapple that makes zombies stop for 20 seconds, and deals 5 damage.

Sour Milk-PultEdit

Shoots sour milk that diverts zombies into other lanes, and deals 3 damage.


shoots durains that deal 4 damage, and pops balloon zombies.

Venus FiretrapEdit

Shoots fireballs that deal 10 damage, and eats zombies.


a wood version of the peashooter. Shoots Wood Peas that deal 5 damage.

Steam ShroomEdit

Shoots steam that hits a column of zombies, that deal 3 damage.

Limp Lattle-PultEdit

Shoots coffee that makes zombies' ears go haywire, and deals 2 damage. Needs Bean-Shrooms

Joe Blow-PultEdit

Shoots coffee that makes zombies go crazy, and deals 4 damage. Needs Bean-Shrooms

Coffee Alarm Clock-PultEdit

Shoots coffee that makes zombies go to sleep, and deals 8 damage. Needs Bean-Shrooms

Coffee Old Train Whistle-PultEdit

Shoots coffee that makes zombies' ear drums punched (meaning too loud), and deals 16 damage. Needs Bean-Shrooms

Lava Java-PultEdit

Shoots coffee that makes zombies make crazy faces, and weird noises, and deals 32 damage. Needs Bean-Shrooms

Blaster Blend-PultEdit

Shoots coffee that makes zombies' eyes, and mouth explode, and deals 64 damage. Needs Bean-Shrooms (Not Coffee Bean)


makes Coffee based catapult plants fire their projectiles.

Falcon StalkEdit

Screeches to slow down zombies. Acts as a reusable Ice-Shroom.


shoots a dark spore that deals 5 damage.

Doom ShroomerEdit

Shoots like a pea-shooter only 2x more affective, explodes like a cherry bomb when being eaten

Skull TreeEdit

Throws skulls that explode in the square the target's on.


Protects plants on the front, and eats zombies on the back. Asorbs 72 bites.


Hypnotizes zombies the time of its first bite. Asorbs 72 bites.

Grape ShotEdit

shoots 8 grapes that are paired, and roll like Wall-nuts.

Sour GrapesEdit

Shoots grapes that confuse zombies.

Grapes Of WrathEdit

shoots exploding grapes


shoots 10 grapes if Grape Shot, and Sour Grapes are planted on it. 1-hit kills zombies when Grapes of wrath is planted on it.

Rain Blocker TreeEdit

Blocks acid rain.

Acid FlowerEdit

Immune to acid, and produces sun 2x faster than a Sunflower.


Headbuts zombies.


Diverts, and does 9 damage at zombies. Asorbs 85 bites.


Revives, and copies plants.

Grim ReflowerEdit

Makes a zombie dissapear, and throws it back.


When bitten 72 times, explodes like a jalepeno. Asorbs 72 bites.


Makes zombies fly away. Asorbs 75 bites


Makes zombies get their teeth hurt, and deals 2 damage. Asorbs 72 bites

Tall Gold-NutEdit

Makes zombies get their teeth hurt, and deals 6 damage. Is the upgrade of Gold-Nut. Asorbs 144 bites.

Angry Annoying Orange-PultEdit

Very angry, and annoys zombies in a mean way.


Shoots seeds that paralyzes zombies, and deals 45 damage. Can Kill Bungee Zombies, and Balloon Zombies.


Shoots peas in 5 lanes.

Veggie ThrowerEdit

Plucks up Veggies, and throws them. Carrot: 1, Turnip: 3, and Brocoli: 5.

Healthy PeashooterEdit

Shoots peas that are 3x stronger. Asorbs 12 bites

Healthy SunflowerEdit

Gives sun 2X faster. Asorbs 12 bites.

Blue Cloud Cherry BomberEdit

Shoots Snowball Cherry Bombs.

Red Cloud Cherry BomberEdit

Shoots Cherry Bombs.


Lobs Jalapenos that burn zombies.

Syrup Bowler TreeEdit

Throws syrup at zombies, slowing them. Asorbs 12 Bites


Lobs Icypenos that freeze zombies.

Moss BridgeEdit

Can place ground plants in the Hill stage.

Love FlowerEdit

Makes Zombies to loveable that causes damdge and useless so other plants could attack

Bomb ShroomEdit

When its loaded when Zombies go near destroys an areaa one is strong to kill a Gargantuar

Day ShroomEdit

Stays Awake day and nitgh at nitgh a little more power than day

Fire FlowerEdit

Burns zombies when they get near it.

Fire PeaEdit

Shootes Fire Pea does twice Damagde than a pea from a pea shooter.

Pea BushEdit

Has five heads must be planted on Peashooters

Pea TreeEdit

Plants it one an upgrade Pea bush to have all peas and a gaint head which is the firsst head as peashooter has gatling,Snow,Re,Three,Fire,Metal,Imitater,Bush,Dark,Eletric,Twim and Doom Pea shooters on the top there is more than one type.


Plant on a Squash to a Squasher which takes time to load its non face Squashes and agian to never run out two squashes and a pea shooter in all touphness

Fish WeedEdit

Water plants that look like fish that shoot sea weed in water cannot be shooted in zombotany

Liquid Nitrogen-ShroomEdit

Upgrade of Ice-Shroom, cost 150 sun and freezes them 2x longer.

Muscle TreeEdit

Plan it on a torch wood to a Muscle tree punches zombies in a row goes up to four spaces has orange leaves has tow branches that look like muscle that punch in two rows for each branch

Twin PeashooterEdit

Must be planted on Peashooters has a Repeter and regular pea shooter

Potato BlasterEdit

Blasts Potatos at zombies in Nitgh Roof Level

Pincher LeafEdit

Snaps zombies that goes up to 3 zombies.

Clam stemEdit

Opens its mouth to eat four zombies one will take a second four in its mouth will have to load.

Target PeaEdit

Shoots peas that shoot on targets (Targets are the nearest zombies)

Acid JuiceEdit

Explodes acid on zombies, damaging them like an instant kill. Reusable for 5 times.

Drooling ChomperEdit

Eats 1 zombie, and drools on others. Drool does 1 damage.

Gatling CattailEdit

This is another upgrade of the Cattail. Shoots 4 spikes now.

Shrink AppleEdit

Shrinks plants so they can't be hitten by Zombotany Zombies.


Slows zombies, and Moves away fog, and Balloon Zombies.


Shoots Peas, and Lobs them.


Shoots green fungus that infects zombies and makes them in your control.

Lily FrogEdit

Not an upgrade. Eats a zombie very fast. Cannot eat zambonis, Garganutars,etc.

Icy BerryEdit

Costs 225 sun. Freezes zombies in a medium area. Recharges slow.

Icy Berry

Ice Berry

Love-no berryEdit

A berry that hypnotizes zombies 2 squares from her. She costs 250 sun and recharges very slow.

Sharpened TreeEdit

A tree that is sharpened on the top and shoots sharpened leaves through its hole. He costs 1550 sun and recharges very slow.

Love Berry

Love-no Berry

Sharpened Tree

Sharpened Tree

Carrot FangEdit

Bites zombies, doing 5 damage.

Root RangerEdit

Grabs zombies underground, and kill them by squeezing them.


A plant duck that can fly away and swoop at zombies. Plant Food Attack: Lays an egg at all zombies on screen.

Banana Peel Edit

Cost: 0

Recharge: Normal

Makes zombies slip on it, causing them to be stunned for a couple seconds

Loviolet Edit

Cost: 250 Sun

Recharge: Slow

When planted, she makes the plants around her fall in love with her, which causes them to attack stronger to impress her

Potvine Edit

Cost: 25 Sun

Recharge: Slow

When a zombie touches it, it will become dazed, making it slower and weaker