The Oak is a really powerful plant.

The Oak

Plant InfoEdit

The Oak costs 3,000 Magic

The Oak shoots leaves (1/2 damage), sticks (3 damage), and logs (15 damage) at zombies. The leaves are almost rapid, recharging in 1 second, the sticks are a bit slower, taking 3 seconds to recharge, and the logs take the longest to recharge, taking 6 seconds.

The Oak cannot be eaten, but can be climbed over in about 2 minutes.

The Oak takes up a 2x2 space, and can't be planted on lilipads, but can be planted on pots.They also are too big to be tooken by Bungee Zombies.

Plant AlmanicEdit

Ahhhh.....Grandpa Oak. This tree is very amazing. He is very wise, and after all, as Oak says "knowledge is power", and he is sure right. This plant is a master at enialating zombies.


The Oak is the biggest plant.

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