Navy Carrot.

The Navy Carrot is an amphibious plant. As in, it can be planted on land and water.

What it DoesEdit

This plant's projectiles are baby carrots. They will slightly home in on a random zombie, but that won't stop them from breaking upon contact with any zombies in the way. And about it being amphibious? Yep: it can still be planted on Lily Pads and Flower Pots.


Cost: 200 sun.

Recharge: Medium.

Damage Per Carrot: 3.

Almanac Entry:  “A lot of people wonder if the carrots I shoot are my babies. I wish they’d except ‘no’ for an answer,” Navy Carrot says. “It’s kinda silly, since baby carrots are just carrots sliced up into smaller parts and all that. We don’t mind: it’s all part of the job… well, the OTHER job.”