This is a new kind of zombie introduced in the giant pool level in Plants vs Zombies II.

Very similar to the Zomboni in the first game, it consists of a snorkel zombie riding a slow motorboat that will crush plants on its way. After 70 regular shots/peas, the motorboat sinks but the snorkel zombie survives and keeps swimming forward. It then takes 10 shots/peas to kill him.


Toughness: Low (10 shots)

Motorboat toughness: Very High (70 shots)

I, Zombie and Versus Mode AppearenceEdit

The Motorboat zombie also appears in the last I, Zombie level (which is dedicated to the giant pool levels).

In that level, he costs 350 sun and is a very good choice to totally clean lanes due to its toughness, but isn't worth a sacrifice to eliminate plants like squashes due to its cost (Imps and other weak ones are better choices).

In the PS3 and Xbox version of Plants vs Zombies II, he can also be choose as a zombie in the game and costs 400 brains.


  • If the motorboat zombie reaches the end of a lane, the motorboat will sink and he will get out of water. That's due to the abscence of an animation of him getting out of the motorboat.
  • Tangle Kelps are useless against this powerful zombie, but the Chompers, Squashes, Jalapenos and Cherry Bombs will kill it instantly (like the zomboni)