A Majikmelon

Majikmelon is a very important plant, since it is the only plant that makes the currency Magic (a currency like Sun). Most of the plants in the Venvon Class require magic.

Plant InfoEdit

The Majikmelon costs 100 Sun.

The Majikmelon produces 50 Magic every 8 seconds.

It has a medium toughness.

Plant AlmanicEdit

I wish....for a Majikmelon. Majikmelon is the only plant that makes.... MAGIC! Hey, Magic is actually needed for some plants....well.... Venvon's Plants anyway.


In the begining of the name, Majikmelon, the Majik part is based of of the word Magic (a bit obvious, but I felt like putting it in)

Hence called a Majikmelon, the Majikmelon looks spiked, like a durain (The oval in the picture above is an auroua, not part of Majikmelon).

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