General Phineas Plantboss is the leader of the Plant-zombies,and Dr.Zomboss' best friend.

He has a robot, called the Plantobot.


According to reliable zombie sources, Plantboss knew Zomboss since his early years, but parted ways in college.

While Zomboss took Thanatology, Plantboss signed up at Plant Point, (the PvZ version of West Point) where he met Gatling Pea. They were rivals, each trying to outwit each other, and to outscore each other during tests. When the final results were in, Gatling Pea was found to be the top-scorer. A few years later, Gatling Pea retired from the army, and became a consultant at Bloom and Doom Seed Co., signing up new plants. Plantboss served in the army a bit longer, earning the rank of 5-star general, but was dismissed for slapping soilders, suffering from battle fatigue. Later during the events of the first Plants Vs Zombies, he saw an opportunity to get back at Gatling Pea and and launched two major assaults that failed (Zombotany and Zombotany 2). Several years later he teamed up with Zomboss to get revenge. The battle launched them outside the house, on the grave yard across the street of the house, in the highway (Route 45.8), through Chinatown, another highway (Route 56.8), a rocket base, and a trip to the moon and beyond. He later unleashed his fearsome Plantobot with an improved Zombot, but failed.

Usual Attire

Black military suit, leather-tipped pointed shoes, and green helmet with five-stars


While a general, Plantboss built a Plantobot from wrecked tanks and vehicles. It was a robot threepeater head, and a jet pack. The body was giant metal officer suit. It could do the following :

  • Shoot a Fireball from its top head.
  • Shoot an Iceball from its lower head.
  • Shoot Cob Missiles from its fingers.
  • Shoot a boulder from the middle head.
  • Squish plants with a foot.
  • Throw either a tank or a half-track. (This is what happened to the spare tanks and half-tracks.)