Bloom and Doomshroom is a game devoted to the Doomshroom.


In Bloom and Doomshroom, you have five catapults and a conveyer belt. Doomshrooms will show up on the conveyer belt,and you must place the Doomshroom on an slingshot ithout a Doomshroom in it. Then, you launch the Doomshrooms at Gargantuar versions of most of the zombies (they can take more hits. Regular Zombies would make this minigame too easy) by pulling the slingshot back (it will show where the Doomshroom will end up) The Doomshroom will instantly explode when it hits a zombie or the ground (probably because the impact of hitting something). The game can have anywhere to only one flag, to six flags (disincluding Endless Mode)


All the zombies in Bloom and Doomshroom are Gargantuar versions of themselves (except Backup Dancer, which is based of the Imp). This list features the Zombie, their regular form, and how many Doomshrroms they can take.

  • Gargantuar-Zombie (2 Doomshrooms)
  • Conegantuar-Conehead Zombie (3 Doomshrooms)
  • Bucketgantuar-Buckethead Zombie (5 Doomshrooms)
  • Ballgantuar (8 Doomshrooms)
  • D.J. Gar. and Impopdancer-Dancing Zombie and Backup Dancers (D.J. Gar:2 Doomshrooms)(Impopdancer:1 Doomshroom)
  • Icegantuar-Zomboni (3 Doomshooms)
  • Gargantuar Bobsled Team- Zombie Bobsled Team (2 Doomshrooms per Zombie)(3 for the Bobsled)
  • Ducky Tuber Gargantuar- Ducky Tuber Zombie (2 Doomshrooms)
  • Snorkgantuar-Snorkel Zombie (2 Doomshrooms)
  • Screengantuar-Screen Sheild Door Zombie (4 Doomshrooms)
  • Bungeegantuars-Bungee Zombie (2 Doomshrooms) [Can take Doomshrooms from the catapults, and drop other kinds of Gargantuar down)

All of these can throw Imps.


The name Bloom and Doomshroom comes from Bloom and Doom Co, which is the name of the company on the seed packets of all Crazy Dave's Seeds (the other seed collections have different names on them).

Some zombies were not included because they would be useless in this minigame

  • There are no plants on the ground planted, so a Pole Vault Zombie and a Ladder Zombie would be useless (to vault over the plants or climb them over with a ladder). Plus, Gargantuars can instantly crush plants, making them useless even if there was plants planted in the ground.
  • The Baloon Zombie's flying power would be useless, since the Doomshroom could kill it in the air.
  • The Mining Zombie would be useless since there is no plants for it to clear.

There are no Gargantuars based of the new zombies in Plants vs Zombies Epic World

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